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How To Start A Horticulture Business (Things To Consider)


Have you ever wondered about a world without plants and greenery? I know this is a weird question, and no one wants to imagine it ever. These two things are one of the most essential parts of our lives. They provide us with several things, as they feed us, give us a clean and green environment, and purify the air. Both are essential as they make the world a living place for us.

Starting a business in the horticulture industry is one of the best choices for those who love to be in nature. However, it requires proper business management, innovation, and advanced technology. Moreover, to grow your business, you have to look for ways to build a better future for the business. The horticulture business will surely reward you, but that depends on how well you are doing the business. In this business, you must build and design, work with crops, experiment with new plants, and more!


However, do you know how to start a horticulture business? Don’t worry! This blog has discussed some important things you must consider to start a horticulture business. Continue reading!

What Is A Horticulture Business?

Horticulture is the art or science of growing fruits, flowers, plants, vegetables, and more. Various businesses, from nursery florists to landscape architects, come under the horticulture industry. A horticulture business deals with marketing, cultivation, and horticultural product sales. These businesses can be from small to large and commercial enterprises.

Opportunities In The Horticulture Business

Students who have pursued a horticulture degree can opt for careers in engineering, floral design, plant breeding, and others. Moreover, the graduates can work in various fields such as management, manufacturing, research, and more.

Important Features Of A Horticulture Business

The horticultural business has unique features, making it a unique service from others. It also affects the choice of service you provide your customers and how much money you earn. Here are a few things that you need to remember:


The gardening business involves digging, pruning, exposure, heavy lifting, and bending. All these things take several hours a day. It is beneficial for your health but can also cause you physical strain.


The peak you will see in gardening business in the month of summer. If you are in full-time business, you must keep records of your cash flow for winter. Conversely, gardening is a good activity for teachers, students, and others.

You Will Get The Knowledge

There is a thing when you engage in gardening activities: you better get to know about plants. Moreover, you also learn which plants you should grow in which area and how to take care of them.

Things to Consider to Start a Horticulture Business

In a business, you have to consider many things like building, working with crops, experimenting with plants, and many more! All these things will take your business to another level.

Greenhouse And Lighting Structure

Greenhouse and lighting structure is one of the most important things in a business. You can not start a horticulture business without a greenhouse having the right lighting tools. Lighting is the backbone of a horticulture business.

You need to consider the greenhouse structure so your plants can grow the way you want them. You will also need to compare the lights and choose the one that is fulfilling the needs of your plants. It is a very important step if you want to be successful in your business.

Types of Plants You Can Grow

When you are through with the greenhouse setting and proper lighting, you need to consider what plants you can grow. The first step you have to decide is what you have to grow by observing what people are currently growing at your location.

Moreover, you need to communicate with the buyers and understand the market’s requirements. However, before you choose what plant to grow, you must consider many factors. These factors might also include the market availability at your location, the demand and supply of plants, and more.

Experience in Horticulture

Starting a horticulture business is not an easy work to do. You will need to consider a lot more things. That is why having good experience growing plants for commercial use is important.

If you do not have the experience, you have to find a job in a commercial horticultural company to have some experience. It will help you know everything about the commercial production of plants. You cannot have the experience just by doing a course or taking classes.

Regulations of Horticulture

The final step is to understand the horticulture regulations to run the horticulture business in your location. You have to do a lot of research because the regulations can vary from place to place.

When it comes to the commercial production of plants, you may need to find the measurements needed for a greenhouse. Moreover, you may also have to research the plants that are allowed in your area and not. You also have to look for the pesticides and fertilizers which are allowed and which are not allowed in your area.

Irrigation System For Your Greenhouse

Irrigation is an important part of maintaining your greenhouse. When you choose the irrigation system for your greenhouse, it is essential that you should know about its types and system options. For example, drip irrigation is a good option for horticulture farmers as it conserves fertilizers, water, and other resources. In addition, it is better to use drip irrigation in your greenhouse as the drip directly provides water to the roots.

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How Much Does It Cost to Start a Horticulture Business?

When you think about starting a horticulture business, there are some startup costs that you have to look at. This cost will include equipment, land purchase, labor, and more! 

Purchase or Lease of Land

To start a horticulture business, you must invest significantly in acquiring infrastructure and land for growing plants. Moreover, as mentioned in recent statistical data, the average cost to purchase agricultural land in the US is approximately $3,160 per acre. But, the cost may also depend on land quality, location, and accessibility.

Acquire Irrigation Systems, Greenhouses And Growing Equipment

Acquiring an irrigation system, greenhouses, and growing equipment is important for starting a horticulture business. As per the recent report, the starting cost of a greenhouse starts from $25,000 to $200,000. But it varies depending on the type of material, the size, and the complexity of the design.

Hiring and Traning The Workers

Hiring and training the workers is also added to the cost of the horticulture business. Based on recent statistical information, the average per-year salary for farmworkers is $25,870, and the per-hour rate is $12.44. However, the cost of hiring and training the workers can rise quickly, mainly when discussing a knowledgeable farmer in horticulture and agriculture.

Cost Related To Licenses And Permits

Before starting your horticulture business, you must obtain various licenses and permits. If you want to start selling, you have to go through this process first. These documents can vary depending on the type of location and what type of business you are running.

Purchasing Bulbs, Plant Seeds And Cuttings

The cost of purchasing these things for the horticulture business varies depending on what type of plant you are selling and in what quantity. As per the recent statistical data, on average, you can expect to spend between $1000 and $10,000 on buying plant seeds, bulbs, and cuttings every year.

Purchasing Equipment For Inventory Management And Transportation Vehicles

When starting a horticulture business, one of the most important investments you have to make is purchasing equipment for inventory management and vehicles. These include forklifts, trucks, trailers, and other useful tools. These are used for storing and transporting plants and flowers. Based on recent statistical data, the average cost for buying this is $30,000 to $60,000, but it depends on the model, features, and make.

Advertisement And Marketing Costs to Target Customers

Doing advertisement and marketing is an important part of a business. As a businessman, it is important to reach your possible buyers in the best possible way. These can be garden centers, landscapers, nurseries, and other organizations. As per the Small Business Association, a small business spends around $10,000 to $100,000 per year on advertisement and marketing costs.

Maintaining And Repairing Cost For Infrastructure And Equipment

When starting a horticulture business, your investment must be made right. These can be infrastructure, equipment for your business growth, and maintaining the plants. Based on industry research, the yearly average cost for maintenance of horticultural equipment is between $500 and $2000 per piece.

Charges For Accounting And Legal Services

When starting a horticulture business, hiring accounting and legal services is essential to maintain the business. It includes getting the permits, bookkeeping, obtaining necessary licenses, and more! The cost of accounting and legal services depends on how complex the business structure is and how much support is needed. As per the National Small Business Association, the average cost for accounting and legal services for a new horticulture business in the US is around $3,000 to $5,000.


Starting a horticulture business is highly satisfying, but you need to put in a lot of effort. You can run a business with the right preparations and knowledge. 

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