Fall and Fallow


Hort Starter Kit


With the tools provided in the Hort Starter Kit it’s as easy as 1,2,3 to build an appealing restorative, environment that promotes and sustains our mental wellness, builds a sense of pride, creates a sense of place, provides a safe space for social interaction, provides a sense of self-worth and purpose, teaches environmental stewardship, teaches responsibility. Additionally, connecting with nature replenishes our depleted mental resources, helps us to increase physical activity, improves our physical health and in a vegetable garden we can even grow healthy food. You can show how creating a green space has impacted your life by posting your pictures to the CO-HORTS page.
Warning: If you are someone whose health is compromised by a wound, disease or autoimmune disorder, there is a risk of infection through microorganisms, when using plants or engaging in plant-based activities that use plants, flowers, soil, or water. If you are experiencing any medical condition that puts you at risk of infection, please consult with a physician and obtain a release to participate in any horticultural activity.

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